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Words to Live By

Steven O: I want to thank you and the Sellstate organization for it's diligence and hard work to sell my father's place. Kudos all around.

Norman P: The all over buying and selling experience was terrific. 

Suzanne and Andy N: We were always very happy to deal with you in all our real estate belongings. All the Team members are very friendly and really know and understand their business.

Miles and Sue J.  Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Sellstate for your professional handling of our real estate transactions. We have experienced Sellstate both as a buyer and as a seller. We purchased a home through your office several years ago and just recently you helped us sell it. We found Elaine and yourself to be very honest with us as well as letting us express our own opinions. You gave us suggestions as to what we needed to do to improve selling appeal and also you let us know what would not be necessary. We found Elaine to be very thorough in explaining the current selling market to us as well as accurate appraisal to decide on a reasonable selling price for our home. We had a very positive selling experience with Sellstate (home sold within 10 days) and would recommend their services to anyone.

Thank you again for all of your help and service.

 Tony T.  My wife and I just wrapped up our purchase and are in the process of moving in.  We love the house, couldn’t be happier!  The reason for my email is Darlene. Good customer service can be described by a laundry list of clichés: “a commitment to excellence”,  “always goes the extra mile”, “was always there whenever we needed her”, etc.  No matter how long of a list I wrote, it would fall short of effectively describing the service we received from Darlene.  To go from a first showing on December 30th to closing on February 8th (especially considering we live in Oregon) took a lot of running around and a tremendous effort and she exceeded our expectations on all fronts.  It’s more and more difficult to find someone truly committed to delivering incredible service these days.  It’s nice to know there are people out there as committed and as passionate as Darlene is, we couldn’t be happier with every aspect of the process and the service she provided. We will always be quick to refer Darlene if we’re ever asked for a realtor and please feel free to contact us if Darlene or the Team there needs a reference.

 Shelly and David O.


We were in the biggest mess of our lives, looking to be foreclosed on, not with just one house but three!  We thought we had trustworthy people in charge of our investments while we were clear across the Country and by the time we realized they weren’t it was too late.  We turned to our trusted Real Estate Agent, and friend in the area, only to find she was moving and then we really felt lost.  She assured us that she was leaving us in very good hands, but we were skeptical.  After all, we got into this mess by trusting someone who had been highly recommended.  We decided that trusting our friend’s opinion was better then going it alone.  All we could think of was that no one would have the dedication that it was going to take to pull us out of this……….boy we’re we wrong!


From the first moment we spoke on the phone, I knew that our friend had left us in good hands.  Elaine and Stephen jumped into action right away, as though it was their own necks that were on the chopping block!  We couldn’t possibly have been in better hands through all of this.  They not only got offers that the bank would accept for short sales, they had multiple offers waiting in the wings incase something went wrong.  One day I received a call telling me that one of our houses had been broken into.  I didn’t know what to do, I called Stephen to let him know and ask him if he would be willing to look some phone numbers up for me.  He told me not to worry about a thing, he would take care of it.  He called the Police, went all the way out there and met with them, twice, and made sure the house was secure, we didn’t have to do a thing.  That is service! 


I can’t believe we are finally at the end of this nightmare and we survived without a single foreclosure.  The stress and emotions that go along with all of this are amazing and Elaine and Stephen took that all away.  Being on the other side of the Country made it even more difficult for us but they erased those miles by going above and beyond anything we could have ever expected from Real Estate Agents.    


Words can not explain the gratitude we have for what Elaine and Stephen have done for us.  We just wish there were something we could do to repay them; there is no way that a commission can take care of our debt to them!       


From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank them!!!



If there is ever anything that either of us can do for either of you, never hesitate!

The next time we are in Florida we will look you up............Shelly

B Fondell: Darlene is a perfect example of what a caring agent should be. Although we were in Wiscionsin, our closing was flawless.

A Pererira: Sophia was wonderful,she went above and beyond her duties to help us find our perfect home. I would definitly recommend her based on her professional manners.

J. Guretsky: As a sales professional myself I can say that Marge "Followed The Book" to tee!! Resulting in a sale on the 4th property shown on the first day out.

S. Tarrtaro: Marge is the Best Agent we've worked with! This is the 2nd house we bought through her!!

M. Sowle: Marge was excelent. When I had questions she was right there for me.